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Change log and release notes Aml Pages

Hot news [21/05/2024 12:51] Aml Pages 10.00 build 2957 released.
You can download English version with installer or portable versions (learn more about portable version).
For other language versions - see here.

Also You can download localized versions of Aml Pages: German, French, Italian, Portuguesze Brazilan, Russian, Ukrainian and etc. 
Aml Pages: Plain text allow to apply simple formatting What`s new in the version
A new version of the Aml2CHM plugin 3.50 has been released (support for new versions of Aml Pages 9.99 has been added, the mirror order of folders\nodes in the CHM file has been fixed).
New video: How to capture web pages into the Aml Pages from Google Chrome by Aml Assist.
added: menu commands "Document Read Only", "View Only", "Page Read Only", "Protect Page with Password" show their status (on/off) in the tooltip;
Added new version of plugin ChangeLog 1.37.
added: menu commands “Document Read Only”, “View Only”, “Page Read Only”, “Protect Page with Password” are drawn in bold when enabled;
Aml Assist plugin command "Add Text To Node" will correctly paste URLs from the clipboard;
Added background asynchronous loading of text templates when starting Aml Pages.
Added new version of Aml Assist 3.60 plugin has been added (adding text to the nodes, including source URL). Double clicking on a node in the tree activates the text editor (right panel).
The plugin Aml2Dropbox 2.67 released.
Critical bug fix: excessive CPU usage when the Nodes Tabs bar (top nodes bar) is enabled.
Added: text templates supports autotext now.
Added new version of plugin AutoReplace 2.16 (fixed: does not save setting after OK in the dialog, fixed: running the plugin in a hyperlinks).
New feature: plain text formatting. What does this mean? Now You can uses a simple formatting for nodes of plain text: font and him attributes (bold, italic, underline and etc), font size, colors of background and text, can uses format styles and many more.
See the What's New section for a full list of changes, or you can view it from Aml Pages itself.
New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 10.00 build 2957 [24/05/2024 18:43]
See here: as plain text.
Download stable versions here.
Annoucements of new versions in mailing list see here.

Tip: You can view the change-log immediate from Aml Pages.
  1. Right click on splitter.
  2. Choose menu command "Show\Hide ChangeLog" from context menu.
Also You can use follows keyboard shortcuts for control of bottom pane:
  • Ctrl+Shift+T
  • Alt+2
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    New function and fixed in version 9.61 (build 2534) [April, 29, 2015] ]
    1. fixed: export nodes of formatted text (invalid encoding, see menu command "File\Export\Node");
    2. fixed: right folder view does not apply colors settings of lost focus;
    3. changed: formatting of RSS-news;
    4. fixed: change background color of text editor after selection node on tree;
    5. added: import from TreePad files (.hjt, see menu File\Import\Files);
    6. added: changing of pane backgroun on lost focus;
    7. added: new colors settings (see menu Tools\Settings, tab Appearance\Colors);
    8. added: accelerator Alt+2 for bottom pane;
    9. fixed: large CPU using when pane Comments is active;
    10. added: command "Translate To" into menu "Edit\Change Case";
    New function and fixed in version 9.60 (build 2531) [February, 27, 2015]
    1. added: new node inherit tags of parent node;
    2. added: F2 for renaming of nodes title;
    3. removed: plugin File2Aml (now Aml Pages supports attachments self);
    4. added: support viewing of documents via plugin Aml View 2.0;
    5. added: command "Properites" into pane Files;
    6. added: command "Show In Folder" into pane Files;
    7. impove of pane Files;
    8. some changes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.59 (build 2528) [February, 1, 2015]
    1. added new pane Files;
    2. added new pane Siblings;
    3. added: check priveledges for writing for plugins folder on plugin installation (impersonation, start second copy as Admin);
    4. added: does not report about errors on openning files, when user cancelled action;
    5. removed: bold attribute from syntax hightlighting;
    6. added: attibute LVIS_CUT from pane "Files";
    7. fixed: attached files does not show before password for document will be entered;
    8. changed: navigation on pane Siblings;
    9. added: pane Siblings do not show tooltips, when tooltips disable on tree pane;
    10. fixed: invalid data on pane Siblins, when open document with password;
    11. enlarge delay for tooltip on pane Siblings;
    12. changed: navigation on pane Siblings;
    13. added: pane Siblings navigate on children nodes on double click;
    14. changed: names of nodes in menu "Favorites";
    15. updated: demo-document (added info about new plugins);
    16. added: saving data of attached files into document ater edition with externals tools;
    17. added: top tabs bar use 2 scrollers (and left, and right);
    18. added: show\hide bottom panels on Ctrl+Shift+T;
    19. added: setting "Show user name in window caption";
    20. added: does not autosave documents when user type text;
    21. added: press Tab on text editor navigate on cells in tables;
    22. changed: update of news in 1 time per day;
    New function and fixed in version 9.58 (build 2517) [December, 3, 2014]
    1. added: saving mode of bottom pane;
    2. added: show icons of plugins in menu commands;
    3. added: new version of plugin Favex 3.11;
    4. fixed: Plugin API no detect language on working with MFC-plugins;
    5. added: report about access priviledge for plugins directory;
    6. added: new version of plugin Aml Image 2.10;
    7. fixed: "Export Into HTML" does not export images from Aml Pages;
    8. fixed: import images from files;
    9. added: new version of plugin Aml Assist 3.15;
    10. fixed: AmlAssistDirect.exe does not start when exit from Aml Pages;
    11. added: new plugin API for access to text editor;
    12. improve: drawing separators for menu command of plugins;
    13. added: new version of plugin Aml Export 3.05;
    14. added: new Plugin API;
    15. added: export into HTML, RTF (see menu File\Export);
    16. added: new plugin api for plugin Aml2Evernote;
    17. some bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.57 (build 2509) [November, 6, 2014]
    1. added: context menu show command of plugins with label "Plugins" on separator;
    2. added: support of UTF8 escape sequnces in hyperlinks;
    3. added: support openning of apd-hyperlinks (apd://path_to_node) from Evernote;
    4. changed: context menu of text editor show icons on commands;
    5. renamed command "Open As URL" into "Run";
    6. added: new command "Search On Google";
    7. added: new command "Search On Yandex";
    8. removed setting "Background of sticky notes as desktop";
    9. fixed: command "Open In External" remove lead space;
    10. added: new command of Plugin API: Aml_MakeApdLinkURL;
    11. added: new plugin Aml2LeaderTask;
    12. added: new version of plugin Aml Export 3.04;
    13. added: new features for Plugin API (embedding in menu Export);
    14. added: when open popup menu, hide right bar;
    15. fixed: invalid text color on pane Header;
    16. added: new filters by tags - AND, OR;
    17. added: export document into XML-files (see menu File\Export);
    18. added: "Edit\Delete CR\LF";
    19. added: setting "Animate Editor On Open";
    20. added: delayed restoring of icon on system tray after restart Explorer.exe;
    21. added: building of nodes tree on idle;
    22. added: command "Full Screen" hide right side-bar;
    23. fixed: highlighting of bookmarks background mark text as unsaved;
    24. fixed: invalid margins in Text Editor at startup with documents;
    25. fixed: parsing hyperlinks;
    26. changed: font and color of Header pane;
    27. fixed: changing of nodes, if enabled "Highlight Bookmarks Background"
    28. fixed: invalid navigation on hyperlinks in text editor when hide right side-bar;
    29. fixed: command "Move To" do not show sibling nodes;
    30. fixed: does not work export of RTF-nodes into file;
    31. fixed: navigation on hyperlink does not save previous node on history;
    New function and fixed in version 9.56 (build 2501) [October, 13, 2014]
    1. added: setting "Animate Editor On Open";
    2. fixed: invalid navigation on hyperlinks in text editor when hide right side-bar;
    3. fixed: command "Move To" do not show sibling nodes;
    4. fixed: does not work export of RTF-nodes into file;
    5. added: delayed restoring of icon on system tray after restart Explorer.exe;
    6. added: building of nodes tree on idle;
    7. added: command "Full Screen" hide right side-bar;
    8. fixed: navigation on hyperlink does not save previous node on history;
    9. added new macroses $URL_FROM_SELTEXT$, $URL_FROM_SELTEXT_TEXT_AFTER$ into text templates;
    10. added: command "Full Screen" hide right side-bar;
    11. fixed: dialog "Select Node" does not find node by title;
    12. added: Back + Forward command on XButton up;
    13. added: bookmarks pane show filters by dates;
    14. added: "Collapse All" on Ctrl+Ctrl;
    15. removed: setting "Show Bookmarks Menu On Ctrl+Ctrl";
    16. fixed: does not insert bookmark on Ctrl+W;
    17. fixed: openning apd-hyperlinks when Aml Pages already running;
    18. added: new setting "Highlight Bookmars Background"
    19. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 3.12;
    20. added: dialog "Properties" show file size of document;
    21. added: new dialog Colors (see Options);
    22. added: minimum line spacing (see dialog Para);
    23. "About dialog" show APD:// protocol handler;
    24. added: report about new version show hyperlink to portable version;
    25. improved: dialog for creation of hyperlinks;
    New function and fixed in version 9.55 (build 2490) [August, 31, 2014]
    1. improved: dialog for creation of hyperlinks;
    2. added: minimum line spacing (see dialog Para);
    3. added: report about new version show hyperlink to portable version;
    4. fixed: click on button "Close" does not break search;
    5. fixed: History use color of font of tree (instead of text editor);
    6. added: command "Show In Tree" for search results;
    7. added new version of plugin File2Aml 2.01;
    8. added: right bar hide on key\mouse pressing in text editor;
    9. changed: more info about plugins on command "Plugin\Install Plugin";
    10. fixed: drawing of selected node of tree after horizontale scrolling;
    11. fixed: does not work "Paste As Plain Text" on nodes of text with formatting;
    12. added plugin File2Aml;
    13. fixed: drawing of toolbar on pane News;
    14. added: new version of plugin Aml Export 3.02;
    15. added: command of colors of nodes available from text editor;
    16. changed: nodes as plain text will be export in encoding UTF-8;
    17. removed: setting "Show Pane Tools On Start"
    New function and fixed in version 9.54 (build 2484) [May, 30, 2014]
    1. added: new version of plugin Aml Export 3.02;
    2. added: command of colors of nodes available from text editor;
    3. changed: nodes as plain text will be export in encoding UTF-8;
    4. removed: setting "Show Pane Tools On Start"
    5. changed: menu of colors of node (text color, background color);
    6. removed: pane "Tools" does not show when mouse move under right part of main window Aml Pages;
    7. added: syntax highlighting into sticky notes;
    8. added: new version of plugin Aml Assist 3.11 (fixed: encoding on saving of web pages as plain text);
    9. added: new version of plugin Aml Auto Completion 2.02 (fixed: lost focus on sticky notes);
    10. plugin installation: show version numbers of DLL;
    11. added: History pane show name of document;
    12. added: new version of plugin Aml Assist 3.10 (New impl of "As Sticky Note");
    13. fixed: format of date\time with custom format when keyboard layout non-English;
    14. changed: plugins engine and new plugin API;
    15. added: command "Plugins\Install Plugin" (installation plugins from ZIP-archive);
    16. improve: auto-detect of web-page encoding;
    17. added: new version of plugin Aml Image 2.00;
    18. released: new version of plugin Aml2Dropbox 2.00;
    19. released: new version of plugin File2Aml 2.00;
    20. updated: help file;
    21. fixed: command "Help\Topics" does not open help-file;
    22. fixed: invalid menu tooltips on pane history;
    23. added: check connection to Internet, when download news on start of Aml Pages;
    24. added: text drag-n-drop - copy text to target if CTRL pressed;
    25. fixed: loading of text templates;
    26. changed: reformat HTML-code on News pane after command "Mark All Read";
    27. added new setting of History pane: "Exclude document with passwords" (see context menu);
    28. added: Unicode-version of ColorDlg.dll;
    29. added: new command "Help\Change License Data";
    30. fixed: does not work "Find In Titles";
    31. added: filtering on pane History by first typed letters;
    32. added: hyperlink "What is Quick Settings" on Settings dialog;
    33. added: confirmation on writing of old documents by new version;
    34. fixed: cannot add node into Favorites;
    35. added: new version of plugin Aml Auto Completion 2.01;
    36. added: new version of plugin Themes 3.01;
    37. fixed: "Change Case\Lower\Upper";
    38. added: Unicode support;
    39. added: registration of license from ZIP-file;
    40. added: filtering on bookmarks pane (see filters: Today, Yesterday and etc);
    41. bookmarks pane has numbered list;
    42. added: accelerator Ctrl+0 for command "Collapse All";
    43. added: new version of plugin Aml Auto Completion 1.50 with Unicode support;
    44. added: new version of plugin AutoReplace 2.00 with Unicode support;
    45. added: new version of plugin Aml Assist 3.02 (Unicode support);
    46. added: new version of plugin Themes 3.00 with Unicode support;
    47. added: new version of plugin Aml Export 3.00 with Unicode support;
    48. added: new version of plugin Aml Auto Completion 2.0;
    49. added: new version of plugin PlacementRestorere with Unicode support;
    50. fixed: does not check news from RSS in background mode;
    51. fixed: changed icons of bookmarks pane;
    52. added: tooltips on bookmarks pane show of creation date;
    53. fixed: openning of documents from shell;
    54. changed: RSS news download at startup with delaying and background mode;
    55. chaned: bookmarks pane show current bookmark;
    56. fixed: categories menu do not show root categories;
    New function and fixed in version 9.53 (build 2458) [April, 24, 2014]
    1. changed: title of main window show correct number of version;
    2. added: command "Change Case\Translate To";
    3. changed: colors of tree pane;
    4. many small changes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.52 (build 2454) [April, 6, 2014]
    1. added: deletion of item on press DELETE in History pane;
    2. added: command line key /startfind (start search on document);
    3. added: installer suggest other our products (hyperlinks);
    4. fixed: hiding of right pane when mouse under tabs bar;
    5. fixed: operation with text in Unicode-version of Aml Pages;
    6. added: node background color;
    7. added: tags pane show data with filters;
    8. added: choosing of categories from context menu of tree;
    9. added: delayed navigation on bookmarks pane;
    10. added: new indication of current bookmark in text editor (by red marker);
    11. added: choosing of tree colors from menu;
    12. added: delayed navigation on tags pane;
    13. added: syntax highlighting for Visual Basic 2013, Win-DOS commands;
    14. changed: notification balloon for unreaded news;
    15. fixed: animation of text editor on selection of nodes;
    16. fixed: resize of right tabs;
    17. updated demo-document;
    18. changed: double click on tree expand parent node;
    New function and fixed in version 9.51 (build 2448) [March, 19, 2014]
    1. changed: balloon about news restore Aml Pages from system tray;
    2. fixed: command "Edit\Case" does not mark document as changed;
    3. added: ballon on receiving of news;
    4. removed: tabs on top on tools pane;
    5. fixed: does not save text afer encoding;
    6. added: tabs for tools pane;
    7. added: incremental search for history pane;
    8. fixed: history pane does not show data;
    9. changed URL group on Facebook;
    New function and fixed in version 9.50 (build 2444) [February, 13, 2014] (include version 9.49)
    1. changed: history pane save data into ini-file;
    2. menu Favorites: indication current node by other colors;
    3. changed: pane history show tooltips on left;
    4. fixed: pahe history show tooltip after deletion of item;
    5. fixed: new tag no show on menu;
    6. changed: formatting of News;
    7. changed: icon of button "Fix"';
    8. fixed: drawing of categories menu;
    9. added: right bar menu on right click on right border;
    10. fixed: show right bar on changing of size of main window;
    11. added new pane "News";
    12. added: button tools on main toolbar;
    13. added: new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.87 (added: insertion of Text+URL into node after drag-n-drop);
    14. fixed: auto-hide of right pane under Windows7;
    15. changed: font for tooltips of left pane;
    16. fixed: error messages for sorting of history pane;
    17. added: Undo for history pane;
    18. changed: deletion of history items without confirmation;
    19. added: deletion of history items on click on state icon;
    20. fixed: do not hide menu tooltip, when menu tooltips is disabled;
    21. fixed: tree drag-n-drop (double copies, do no save text of node);
    22. added: auto-hiding of pane tools;
    23. added: extended tooltips for pane tools;
    24. small changes;
    25. some bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.48 (build 2431) [December, 3, 2013] (include version 9.47)
    1. added: Tabs bar - button show current mode via text;
    2. fixed: does not show node after drag-n-drop to Aml Assist pane in filter mode;
    3. added: tooltips for toolbar buttons show accelerator keys;
    4. added: setting "Show bar Tools on start always";
    5. fixed: crash on document openning;
    6. fixed: state of parent nodes on openning;
    7. changed: report about new versions;
    8. added: button "Collaps All" on left side-bar;
    9. added: command "Tags Of Parent" for new node dialog;
    10. fixed: vertical scroll in text editor, if use syntax highlighting;
    11. added: context menu for button "Print";
    12. fixed: empty page on printing;
    13. updates: demo-documents;
    14. full screen mode: hide tabs bar, left side bar, Tools bar;
    15. added: hint on pane History;
    16. added: icons on pane History;
    17. fixed: saving of data of pane History;
    18. pane "Latest" renamed to "History";
    19. pane History: openning of nodes by double click;
    20. added: format as list with period;
    21. added: dialog "About Aml Pages" - button "Check For Updates";
    22. fixed: drawing of item on pane Tools under interface Theme "Magenta Plain";
    23. added: removing empty items from pane Tools on closing of document;
    24. added: accelerator Alt+R for pane Tools;
    25. added new version Aml Assist 2.86;
    26. added: new pane Tools;
    27. disable drag-n-drop of folder of sticky notes;
    28. fixed: gray background of pane of folder;
    29. some bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.46 (build 2416) [September, 21, 2013]
    1. added: accelerator Ctrl+6, Ctrl+7 for commands "Format\List\Levels"
    2. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.84;
    3. added new version of plugin Themes;
    4. added: hightlighting and openning hyperlinks to apd-documents on text editor;
    5. added button "Copy Link" into dialog of properties of node;
    6. fixed: open link to Aml Pages, if running;
    7. fixed: do not expand nodes on drag-n-drop;
    8. removed: setting "Gray Background Color On Read-Only Mode"
    9. fixed: search of nodes in dialog for plugins;
    10. fixed: plugins engine (extended messageboxes);
    11. added: tooltips for pane of bookmarks;
    12. fixed: crash on search of bookmarks;
    13. quick search by titles: context menu has latest find strings;
    14. fixed: menu for splitter;
    15. removed tabs "As List" from left-side bar;
    16. fixed: accelerator Ctrl+1 does not work;
    17. added: Ctrl+5 for choosing of tabs bar modes;
    18. changed: URL of official forum in English (;
    19. added: chevron menu on tree bar has command "Show Text";
    20. added: tree pane support selection of nodes by click on right from node text;
    21. added: tags field expand on Control+Enter;
    22. fixed: filter by tags do not show children nodes;
    23. fixed: no scrollable tags field;
    24. chaged: left pane mode change by Ctrl+1-4;
    25. Ukrainian version of Aml Pages 9.46 released;
    26. added: new feature command "Create New CHILD node";
    27. Added: new feature to create a use set of Tabs;
    28. added: copy-paste of nodes with tags;
    29. added: commands "Nodes\Position\Left\Right";
    30. In the presence of unsaved changes window Aml Pages uses the overlay icon in the taskbar;
    31. Forbidden attribute editing hyperlinks in the text editor;
    32. Insert hyperlinks to the file is stored in the settings of the selected mode;
    33. added: new version of plugin FavEx 2.51;
    34. command: "Change Flag" on menu has user icon;
    35. added: new version of plugin FavEx 2.50 (do not save links to folders);
    36. creation of child sub-nodes: use syntax highlighting of parent node;
    37. added: renaming of nodes in tags pane;
    38. added: new version of plugin Aml Export 2.04 (supports export of children nodes);
    39. changed: window "Move To" may be maximize at double click on caption;
    40. added: management of tags as default (see the file Tags.ini in program folder, or hyperlink in dialog "About Aml Pages");
    41. added: children sub-nodes has italic font on right pane;
    42. added: on selection in right pane higlight this node in tree pane;
    43. added: accelerators Ctrl+Alt+Left\Right for commands history of navigation;
    44. Tabs Bar: Button controls are now on the left;
    45. Properties dialog page in the header title of the page;
    46. The default setting is to use flashes when you start the settings dialog of the paragraph;
    47. fixed: drawing text with ampersand on tree;
    48. updated demo-documents;
    49. changed: highlight buttons "Back\Forward" if history is empty;
    50. fixed: mimize main window on Escapte when edit headers in tags pane;
    51. changed: Tags pane show nodes with trash icon, if node has been removed to trash folder;
    52. fixed: invalid initialization of right pane on openning of document, if selected web page;
    53. fixed: draw icon of flag in tree pane, if use large fonts;
    54. tree pane: flag icons show beetween standard icon and text of node;
    55. fixed: crash on search of bookmarks;
    56. changed: auto-save settings as default (enabled, timeout 3 minutes);
    57. fixed: dragging of multiple items from right pane into tree pane;
    58. changed: Ctrl+Alt+D use for creation of child nodes;
    59. changed: tree folders show icon of folder always;
    60. changed: context menu of tree pane;
    61. changed: sticky notes show tab on Taskbar when no topmost mode;
    62. Tabs Bar: menu has icons;
    63. Added: search show results count;
    New function and fixed in version 9.45 (build 2388) [July, 2, 2013]
    1. removed: management of icons for nodes;
    2. Backup explorer: read data as background mode;
    3. changed: animation on listctrl (search, backup explorer);
    4. added: system menu of main window, command "Save All";
    5. new: changing\saving of document change the icon of main window;
    6. fixed: do not save cursor position on nodes navigation;
    7. changed: document windows open as maximized always;
    8. fixed: save setting "Max text length on tabs bar";
    9. changed: shevron menu for tab bar limited by 80 symbols;
    10. fixed: do not save syntax highlighting after creation of node;
    11. fixed: new node has text of previous selected node;
    12. Font bar has frequently used sized (6-14);
    13. added: insertion hyperlink to files after drag-n-drop: as list or as space;
    14. fixed: changing left pane to tree do not change text of editor;
    15. changed: accelerator keys for changing of mode of left pane;
    16. improved building of tree sub-branches;
    17. changed: font of Header bar;
    New function and fixed in version 9.44 (build 2382) [June, 10, 2013]
    1. added: new left pane "Tags" (nodes grouped by tags);
    2. added: insertion hyperlinks to files after drag-n-drop files into text editor;
    3. new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.83;
    4. new version of plugin FavEx 2.45;
    5. the toobars "Standard" and "Document" join in single toolbar;
    6. added new version of plugin Placement Restorer (added save\restore auto);
    7. plugins engine: added events AEC_STARTAMLPAGES, AEC_CLOSEMAINWND;
    8. changed: setting "Animate Editor When Nodes Opens" is enabled as default (see quick options, Experimental);
    9. added setting "Show TITLE for URLs" (editor settings);
    10. do not repaint tags pane on hiding of left pane;
    11. changed: after deletion tree item select sibling item;
    12. fixed: changing of UI theme marks tags as changes;
    13. fixed: removing many nodes from left tags pane;
    14. tab bar show icons of nodes;
    15. tag input: use font MS Shell Dlg;
    16. fixed: tags input paste text with formatting;
    17. changed: asynchronous send data beetween instances of Aml Pages
    18. fixed: disable Tabs bar;
    19. fixed: crash on command "File\New\Alphabetical List\Daily Book";
    20. added: disable reminder about soon expiring of period of free updates;
    21. released Ukrainian version of Aml Pages 9.44;
    22. added: Tabs Bar mode save with a document data;
    23. added: reminder about soon expiring of period of free updates;
    24. fixed: animation of text editor on nodes opens if use read-only mode;
    25. changed: dialog for selection nodes draw hint on building of tree;
    26. added: Node Tabs - right button change icon for different modes of tabs;
    27. added: new quick setting "Animate Editor When Nodes Opens" (see quick options);
    28. fixed: flicking of comboboxes on Font toolbar;
    29. added: if available use only vertical scrolling for Ensurevisible of tree;
    30. fixed: Editor toolbars reposition;
    31. fixed: invalid setup of tags if node no has tag and type new tag (if active pane of nodes grouped by tags);
    32. fixed: top most command for sticky notes;
    33. fixed: do not shot tip of the day on auto-start;
    34. fixed: Font bar is invisible, if hide bar "Format";
    35. fixed: drawing hotlighted menu items on menu bar;
    36. fixed: do not show icon on system tray on auto-start;
    37. some small changes and bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.43 (build 2362) [April, 15, 2013]
    1. added: nested list into text editor;
    2. added: placeholder for text editor;
    3. added: tooltips for command of settings;
    4. added: PATH and plugins list in "About" dialog;
    5. added: information about plugins error has error code and description;
    6. added command into dialog of settings "Integrate Aml Pages into shell"
    7. choosing of icon on tree after double click (but now single);
    8. fixed: can not delete empty recycled bin;
    9. fixed: invalid data for dialog "Insert List";
    10. added: sorting of tree nodes by numbers (if node heades has number only);
    11. disabled setting: "Show sticky notes in tree";
    12. fixed: icons on folder on tree for Windows Vista\7;
    13. added: command line key /NNF (not auto-opend documents, no create new documents);
    14. fixed: delayed completion on tree on keyboard navigation;
    15. changed: chevron menu on tree toolbar use menu, but not send command message as default;
    16. fixed: crash afrer dragging RTF-file on closed folder on tree;
    17. fixed: installer no create shortcut on desktop in unchecked;
    18. fixed: safety copying of data in "About" dialog;
    19. folder: expand\collapse on space up;
    20. removed: changing flags of node on space up;
    21. integrate Aml Pages into shell on start only on first running;
    22. fixed: crash on pressing ALT in sticky notes;
    23. changed: font of dialogs now is MS Shell Dlg;
    24. fixed: text does not show after command "Hide 5 sec" in sticky notes;
    25. fixed: padding of buttons on toolbars after restroring from system tray;
    26. small changes and bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.42 (build 2348) [February, 8, 2013]
    1. fixed: invalid drag-n-drop on nodes without confirmation;
    2. fixed: paste plain text from Mozilla Firefox;
    3. added command "Arrange";
    4. added: new version of plugin Aml Auto Completion 1.32;
    5. fixed: invalid file names on saving with long name of file;
    6. fixed: drag-n-drop many nodes from right pane into tree;
    7. added: allow management of Favorites if document is read-only;
    8. fixed: paste formmatted text with pictures from clipboard;
    9. added: allow paste into sticky note folder;
    10. fixed: tree do not show user icon afer paste node from clipboard;
    11. added: description of TwinkiePaste into "Check For Updates";
    12. added: editor hide tooltips on lost focus;
    13. added: settings "Delay on auto-start of Aml Pages" (see menu "Tools\Settings", tab "Miscellaneous");
    14. added: command "Export" into menu of sticky note;
    15. command line keys: analyze no case sensitive;
    16. menu on pane tabs show all tabs (include visible);
    17. changed: hide menu tooltip after hiding of main window;
    18. small changes and bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.41 (build 2344) [January, 21, 2013]
    1. added: navigation on button in extended MessageBox at arrows buttons;
    2. added: information about Web browser as default;
    3. added: Web charset in properties of node;
    4. removing not used tags from engine on closing document;
    5. added: setting "Show Status On Document Tabs" (see menu View\Toolbars);
    6. added: import files into folder after dragging on tree;
    7. disabled command "Background Picture" if used RichEdit 2.0;
    8. using RichEdit 4.1 as default;
    9. fixed: detection of Windows version;
    New function and fixed in version 9.40 (build 2342) [January, 6, 2013]
    1. commands "Create Copies" is allowed for sticky notes folder;
    2. selection nodes: does not show nodes in recycled bin;
    3. fixed: hide menu tooltip after command "Change Size" in sticky notes;
    4. added: creation nodes list by numbers;
    5. changed: delayed building of tree in dialog "Select Node";
    6. added: new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.82 (added: correctly encoding of text on hotkey pressing);
    7. added new version of plugin Aml Auto Completion 1.31 (added: statistics of word usage);
    8. added: "Select Node" dialog support navigation by Favorites (command "Copies", plugin Aml Assist);
    9. removed setting "Activate Editor on Selection Node at mouse";
    10. fixed: line drawing in nodes properties dialog;
    11. removed tooltips for command of system menu;
    12. fixed: create node without icons after confirmation dialog;
    13. some bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.39 (build 2339) [December, 3, 2012]
    1. Favorites menu: use reg color for selected node;
    2. Favorites menu: show nodes icons;
    3. added: new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.81 (added: capture text from anywhere + adding into notes);
    4. choosing of icon on click on tree icon;
    5. added: header into bookmarks pane;
    6. improve search of bookmarks on document;
    7. new version of plugin Themes 2.40;
    8. bookmarks pane: added command "Display In Tree" into context menu;
    9. new demo-document sample.apd;
    10. added menu command: "Help\Tips And Tricks";
    11. changed bookmarks pane: on mouse over shown date created of bookmark in status bar;
    12. added: navigation on document panels on Ctrl+Alt+Space;
    13. added: delete bookmarks from left pane;
    14. added: import text files in Unicode encoding;
    15. fixed: invalid encoding of text after insertion from Google Chrome;
    16. removed: color of nodes from menu Favorites;
    17. fixed: unavailable command "Create Node" after changing mode of left pane (Tree-Bookmarks-Tree);
    18. fixed: invalid scrolling position after changing mode of bookmarks pane (All bookmarks\Node bookmarks);
    19. removed: navigation beetween panels at Shift+Shift (use Ctrl+Alt+Space);
    20. bookmarks pane: fixed restoring of selected item after re-sort;
    21. removed: colored items from bookmarks pane;
    22. improve: menu Help openning;
    23. fixed: selection bookmark in pane afer insertion;
    24. changed: use RichEdit 2.0 as default;
    25. fixed: selection items in chevron menu on toolbars;
    26. fixed: empty bookmark name in pane (bookmark before hyperlink);
    27. removed: documents tabs placement option;
    28. changed: Ctrl+Alt+B recheck current bookmark in text editor (is exist - delete, no - insert);
    New function and fixed in version 9.38 (build 2333) [November, 15, 2012]
    1. improve: work of filter by tags;
    2. added: Polish version of Aml Pages;
    3. fixed: crash on right click on spin-button in tabs bar;
    4. removed: tooltip for invisible tabs in tabs bar;
    5. added: multiple choosing of tags from context menu of pane folder;
    6. improve saving of text into document by plugins kernel (e.g. plugin Aml Assist);
    7. added: allow sticky notes for read-only documents with saving of position;
    8. improve: getting of titles for URL in text editor;
    9. added: RichEdit path into dialog "About programs";
    10. nodes filters: current page already exist in filter;
    11. fixed: Get title of web pages in UTF8 encoding;l
    12. fixed: changing of document if has two or more sticky notes (on openning);
    13. fixed: menu tooltip is empty first time;
    14. changed: change Richedit settings, if has error on creation document;
    15. button Find show menu instead start search in document;
    16. favorites menu contains command "Disable Filter";
    17. fixed: search localized file of tips of the day;
    18. fixed: insertion of hyperlinks with symbols "<", ">";
    19. some changes in user interface;
    20. some bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.37 (build 2322) [October, 31, 2012]
    1. added: choosing of tags in dialog "Create New Node";
    2. added: choose tags from sticky notes (see context menu);
    3. show TITLE for URL from Internet (background mode, see quick settings menu, learn more);
    4. added new version of plugin FavEx 2.44;
    5. tree toolbar has shevron now;
    6. changed timeout for editor tooltip;
    7. fixed: document toolbars layout under WindowsVista\7;
    8. fixed: caption of sticky notes under Windows Vista\7;
    9. fixed: clipboard context menu, if clipboard is empty;
    10. removed: managing of color of node in dialog "Create New Node";
    11. fixed: width of tooltips in dialog "Create New node";
    12. fixed: minimize in system tray after many seconds;
    13. fixed: closing of documents with saving of sticky notes positions;
    14. fixed: "Hide 5 secs" does not change of document;
    15. "Hide 5 secs" moved to root menu;
    16. added: accelerator Ctrl+H for command "Hide 5 secs";
    17. changed: animated closing of sticky notes;
    18. fixed: changing of document with sticky notes on openning;
    19. added: new user polls;
    20. changed: order of tabs on left side-bar;
    21. changed: new accelerators keys for left pane mode;
    22. fixed: minimization main window without user activity;
    23. changed installer;
    24. fixed: tag pane layout;
    25. fixed: change of document if start settings of Aml Pages;
    26. added: icon "as sticky note" show state;
    27. added: button "As Sticky Note" on header-bar;
    28. changed: single click on icon of node show properties dialog;
    29. added: hot-tracking of custom buttons on sticky notes;
    30. fixed: custom buttons on windows caption of sticky notes for Windows Vista\7 (no Aero);
    31. added setting: "Allow custom buttons on window caption of sticky notes";
    32. added: command "Minimize To Header" on context menu of sticky notes;
    33. some bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.36 (build 2305) [August, 7, 2012]
    1. fixed: crash on file openning (common dialogs bug);
    2. tags pane: added handling of standard hotkeys (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X, Shift+A, Shift+Delete);
    3. improve CPU usage in background mode;
    4. changed user activity detection (without hooks);
    5. information about version: added info about active code page;
    6. registration: now can drag dat-file into main window;
    7. fixed: registration in localized Windows versions;
    8. added: new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.72;
    9. document tabs show state (pinned, open on start);
    10. added nodes filter "By Tags";
    11. added nodes filter "No Tags";
    12. added: command "Filter By Tags This Node";
    13. tags pane: use comma as delimitter;
    14. added: menu tooltip for tags commands;
    15. added: menu tooltip for editor tips;
    16. added: new version of plugin FavEx 2.43;
    17. added setting "Start Aml Assist at exit from Aml Pages";
    18. added: nodes number in menu of filters by tags;
    19. added new plugin "Placement Restorer" (control of AP window placement);
    20. fixed: font for tags pane;
    21. changed: format of tags (added active codepage of Windows);
    22. changed: registration mechanism;
    23. fixed: menu tooltips for text templates commands;
    24. enlarge timeout of edition mode in unregistered version;
    25. some bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.35 (build 2291) [May, 14, 2012]
    1. added tags of nodes;
    2. added support for saving images into the web pages of documents Aml Pages (to view without having to connect to the network);
    3. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.70;
    4. numbers of installed tags on tooltip of tags pane;
    5. added new version of demo-document;
    6. some buf fixes for "Check for updates" command;
    7. fixed: command "Create Copy Of Node";
    8. removed command: "Text Templates Toolbar";
    9. plugins are no added of commands to the menu of system tray;
    10. some bug fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.34 (build 2283) [April, 14, 2012]
    1. fixed: building of bookmarks menu;
    2. added setting "Navigation at Shift+Shift";
    3. added: navigation between panels at Shift+Shift;
    4. new versions of plugin Aml Assist 2.68 (fixed: submenu creation);
    5. fixed: no activate web pages at Up,Down on tree ;
    6. new tips of the day;
    7. added nodes filter "With Comments" (nodes, which has user comment);
    8. added nodes filter "With Attached Files" (nodes, with attached files by plugin File2Aml);
    9. added setting "Start Aml Assist On Exit" (see quick setting menu);
    10. "Check for updates" dialog on taskbar (on start from systray menu);
    11. command "Cancel Filter" moved to top menu;
    12. many small corrections and bug-fixes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.33 (build 2279) [March, 27, 2012]
    1. new license management (required receiving of new license data: Home or Personal license);
    2. added: new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.67;
    3. Enter on tree set focus to text editor;
    4. fixed: crash on start portable version in Vista\7;
    5. "About dlg" show on taskbar if started from tray;
    6. changed: "SH warnings" is disabled as default;
    7. changed: "Text Statistics" report;
    8. many small changes and bug fixes;
    9. added filter "Only Sticky Notes";
    10. improve: bookmarks search;
    11. added: bookmars create or delete in web editor;
    12. added: bookmarks of web pages;
    13. improve: text statistics;
    14. improve "About" dialog;
    15. new version of plugin Themes;
    16. changed Themes Plugin API;
    17. added hyperlink to portable version;
    18. new version of plugin AAC 1.28;
    19. delayed marquee on mouse move on new report;
    20. improve toobars of text editor;
    21. fixed: crash on auto-opennings of documents, is drive is unavailable;
    22. new demo-document sample.apd;
    23. new English help;
    24. fixed: advanced MessageBox`es in Plugin API;
    25. Font toolbar is hidden as default in Windows Vista;
    26. renamed: background color -> highlight color;
    27. new version of plugin FavEx 2.41;
    28. many bug fixes and changes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.32 (build 2269) [January, 27, 2012]
    1. added: search by bookmarks;
    2. added import pictures files into nodes (see menu "File\Import\Files");
    3. new nag-screen dialog;
    4. added support of plugins into sticky notes;
    5. menu with hidden tabs in Alphabet order in Tabs bar;
    6. added new hotkeys;
    7. new version of plugin Aml2Dropbox 1.20;
    8. delayed saving data from plugin IE2Aml;
    9. delayed sync of text from text editor to sticky notes;
    10. added: selected item border color for tree pane (see settings);
    11. new version of plugin FavEx 2.42 (added multiple deletion);
    12. new version of Aml Assist 2.62 (added setting "Over Taskbar");
    13. delayed start of backups explorer;
    14. added: context menu on Shift+F10 into Search By Titles\Bookmarks;
    15. new english demo-document (sample.apd);
    16. added command "New Node" in context menu on left side-bar;
    17. added new version of plugin Aml Image;
    18. added command: "Remove Hyperlink" for editor of web pages;
    19. added commad: "Empty Undo" for text editor;
    20. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.64 (report about results of insertion data);
    21. added: button "Insert Horizontale Line" on toolbar of text editor;
    22. changed order of buttons in caption of sticky notes;
    23. improve openning of documents with nodes for navigation (openning of documents from plugins FavEx, Aml Assist and etc.);
    24. fixed: import of web pages with encoding as Unicode;
    25. fixed: button "Categories" on toolbar of tree pane;
    26. sticky notes is visible at Alt+Tab;
    27. added: document name into tooltip on tray for sticky notes;
    28. added: link to RSS into empty main window;
    29. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.63 (saving after data insertion, some many changes);
    30. added: new voting (see popup menu for button "Open");
    31. changed: as default sticky notes mininize in system tray;
    32. sticky notes: minimize in system tray on Escape (if checked in settings);
    33. fixed: saving text from sticky notes on closing (if quickly open+change+close);
    34. added new reviews about Aml Pages on web site;
    35. changed: selected tree item do not change cASE of text;
    36. improve sorting of bookmarks;
    37. improve: animation on openning of sticky notes;
    38. fixed: drawing of buttons on sticky notes (by dragging);
    39. check files without MessageBox;
    40. new version of plugin IE2Aml 2.70 (separated, see on site);
    41. some many changes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.31 (build 2257) [November, 25, 2011]
    1. delayed saving of text from sticky note (for largest textes)
    2. delayed sync of text from text editor to sticky note (for largest textes)
    3. re-scroll text after animated openning of sticky note;
    4. fixed: drawing of system menu for documents (Alt+F4 vs Ctrl+F4);
    5. added filter "Smallest Nodes";
    6. added: choosing of target node from Aml Assist (new version 2.53);
    7. added hot-icon on pane Header;
    8. sticky notes: added button "Pin On Right";
    9. added: support PC-plugins for web-pages;
    10. command: "Search By Titles" work as filter;
    11. buttons "Find" and "Replace" move to format toolbar;
    12. new version of plugin FavEx 2.31;
    13. support of cursor settings for sticky notes;
    14. fixed: search by titles (first search full subscring and next search by tokens);
    15. fast-copy of entire text: now copy without bookmarks;
    16. fixed: event of plugins for sticky notes;
    17. command: "Only This Branch" moved to filters;
    18. button "Find" moved to tree-toolbar;
    19. some many changes;
    New function and fixed in version 9.30 (build 2253) [October, 24, 2011]
    1. added links to documentation into emty MDI-frame;
    2. fixed: drawing of icon button on dialog "New Node";
    3. added Alt+S for Save menu;
    4. fixed: changing zoom from menu "View\Text Zoom";
    5. text templated editor mark changes by asterisk in window caption;
    6. added menu tooltips into text templates editor;
    7. added text template macro-command $CLIPBOARD$;
    8. added: nodes filter "Largest Nodes";
    9. added: nodes filter "Oldest Nodes";
    10. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.51 (+ open last changed nodes as sticky notes from menu);
    11. Favorites menu: sort by alphabet;
    12. added text template macro-command $BOOKMARK$;
    13. new command for sticky note "Pin On Right" (see context meny by right click on caption of sticky notes);
    14. added new version of plugin AutoReplace 1.03 (many small fixes);
    15. move dialog "Move to" from any empty area;
    16. new style of dialog "Save As";
    17. move standard MessageBox`es from any area;
    18. added: show tooltip by click of middle button by menu command;
    19. added: F7 for node creation;
    20. use large font for selected items on tree;
    21. animated openinng of searhing dialogs;
    22. new version of plugin FavEx 2.30;
    23. dragging of advanced MessageBox`es on any area;
    24. fixed: setup of max buffer length of text editor;
    25. fixed: menu tooltip for command "Show Text On Buttons" (see tree toolbar);
    26. URL of forum changed to forum/;
    27. new icon of Aml Assist pane if Aml Pages not work;
    28. Backup Explorer: show items count;
    29. Find In Titles: fixed symbol "-";
    30. new english sample.apd;
    31. help-file is updated;
    32. changed URL of Facebook Aml Pages Users Group;
    33. fixed: using of bold font for checkboxes and radio-buttons;
    34. fixed: Ctrl+0, Ctrl+5 hotkey for search by titles;
    35. fixed: keyboard navigation in dialog "Search By Titles";
    36. toolbar "Text Templates" as disabled;
    37. bookmark markers draw on text editor with zoom;
    38. changed: default color and fonts settings (white theme);
    39. removed: setup ANSI charset for fonts of English version;
    40. resizable dialog "Move To";
    41. dialog "Move To" with title;
    42. fixed: command "Move To" from selected folder pane;
    43. fixed: bug on "Collapse All" from context menu of splitter;
    44. added: sticky notes, command "Close" do not show window from system tray;
    45. many small corrections;
    New function and fixed in version 9.29 (build 2239) [September, 20, 2011]
    1. new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.41;
    2. fixed: mouse cursor under context menu in text editor;
    3. fixed: insert hyperlink from clipboard;
    4. show tooltip on middle click on Tabs bar;
    5. fixed: bold attribute in nodes categories;
    6. enlarge: saving of search strings (500);
    7. improve: writing of search strings in settings;
    8. fixed: left click on hyperlinks in dialog "Check new version";
    9. new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.40 (+confirmation before saving by hot key);
    10. fixed: border of buttons in extended MessageBox;
    11. added new commands: "Format\Templates" (managing of text templates);
    12. added: export of documents to XML-files
    13. new: allow drag-n-drop of nodes to sticky notes folder;
    14. added new plugin: Auto-Replace;
    15. added: command "Tree tooltips" on button New;
    16. added: Total Commander as handler for hyperlinks (see popup menu under links);
    17. added: paste folder path for hyperlinks to folder;
    18. added new version of plugin Aml Export 2.02;
    19. new version of plugin FavEx 2.20 (added limit of last changed nodes);
    20. added: Aml Assist - "detect drag-n-drop operations" settings;
    21. added: Aml Assist - tooltip after drag-n-drop start;
    22. added: running of exec-plugins from main frame window;
    23. Backup Explorer: backups limit in tooltip;
    24. changed: cursor on drag-n-drop between text editor and tree pane;
    25. removed: nodes selection dialog after drag-n-drop text editor to treee pane;
    26. backup explorer: tooltip contains backups number;
    27. backup explorer: added removing of backups;
    28. added: text template command $RN_IS_REQ$;
    29. fixed: icon for command "Delete" on context menu;
    30. new help and demo-document;
    31. fixed: Escape in dialog "Move To";
    32. changed: formatting as list from toolbar "Format";
    33. fixed: do not hide Aml Pages on Escape if dialog running;
    34. double click in backup explorer open the backup;
    35. fixed: URL parsing after space\tab;
    36. enlarge text limit before pasting from clipboard;
    37. fixed: enabled command of moving for search results nodes;
    38. many small corrections;
    New function and fixed in version 9.28 (build 2227) [June, 17, 2011]
    1. added: Filter By Categories;
    2. added: Backup Explorer (see menu Tools);
    3. added "New Sticky Notes Folder" into splitter popup menu;
    4. added: new version of plugin Themes 2.25;
    5. impoove "Check For Updates" (background work);
    6. enlarge buffer for text editor by max;
    7. fixed: syntax highlighting after UI themes changing;
    8. fixed: accelerator keys Ctrl+Alt+K for text templates menu;
    9. removed ReadOnly attribute for the sample.apd;
    10. changed links for tips of the day;
    11. fixed: auto-detect charset of web pages;
    12. fixed: Themes plugin engine (query current and default UI themes);
    13. changed acelerators (Ctrl+K - insert hyperlink);
    14. removed: Ctrl+Shift+D for filter by dates command;
    15. fixed: resizing of float toolbars;
    New function and fixed in version 9.27 (build 2219) [May, 20, 2011]
    1. added command "Restart As Portable Mode" (see menu File);
    2. added: text length in status bar;
    3. added new nodes to the demo-document (sample.apd: added information about portable versions and etc);
    4. new version of UI themes management: Themes 2.21 (see to menu "View\Themes");
    5. added: supports of fonts in UI themes;
    6. added: new UI themes;
    7. changed buttons for tree pane toolbar (pressed button for Favorites and Categories, if node has);
    8. restore cursor position in text editor after text change in sticky note;
    9. changed: information about build in dialog "About" (added: OS, memory size);
    10. bold font for sortable column in list view;
    11. changed: Insert Hyperlink dialog;
    12. fixed: text drawing after closing calendar;
    13. fixed: bookmarks drawing on text after changing of read-only mode;
    14. fixed: paste from clipboard into new sticky note, if clipboard is empty;
    15. fixed: limit text in text editor and sticky note (enlarge buffer on-fly);
    16. impove: information about selection in web pages;
    17. fixed: menu drawing on settings;
    18. fixed: copying build information (select all info before copying);
    19. many small corrections;
    New function and fixed in version 9.26 (build 2214) [April, 22, 2011]
    1. added: Fuzzy Search into command "Find By Titles";
    2. added: copying of hyperlinks on text editor;
    3. added: setting "Show bookmarks menu on Ctrl+Ctrl";
    4. added: link to French version (see menu "Tools\Language");
    5. auto-alignment of last column for left list pane;
    6. added: information about window class name of text editor;
    7. added: new version of plugin AAC (some bug fixes);
    8. results on "Find By Titles" show in find-dialog;
    9. changed: refresh bookmarks after command "Expand All", "Collapse All";
    10. fixed: lost selection of bookmark on background search;
    11. changed: setting of web pages;
    12. fixed: copying of hyperlinks for selected text;
    13. changed: settings of text editor;
    14. changed: settings of tree;
    15. changed: drawing of selected bookmarks in all bookmarks panels;
    16. many small corrections;
    New function and fixed in version 9.25 (build 2204) [March, 28, 2011]
    1. added: views of node bookmarks and bookmarks of entire document;
    2. added: changing of left views by Ctrl+Alt+J;
    3. new toolbar on tree pane;
    4. new confirmation dialog on creation of new node;
    5. activation of right pane after node creation;
    6. check for updates: show hot news of projects;
    7. allow change of links path by manually (Insert Hyperlink dialog);
    8. added: indication of bookmarks search;
    9. changed quick settings;
    10. left side bar has small font;
    11. added quick setting "Use RichEdit 2.0";
    12. capture of input of link navigation;
    13. changed: context menu of splitter;
    14. invert colors use for entire bookmarks only;
    15. fixed: double click on buttons on left side bar;
    16. changed tips bar;
    17. fixed: parsing of hyperlinks on pasting from clipboard;
    18. many small corrections and refactoring;
    New function and fixed in version 9.24 (build 2194) [March, 4, 2011]
    1. new check for updates kernel;
    2. added: command "Open As URL" open link under mouse cursor;
    3. allow link navigation if pressed key Ctrl;
    4. new features for ico-saving;
    5. added command "Show Dialog For New nodes" for button "Create" and quick settings;
    6. added "Join mailing list" into installer;
    7. german beta-version is available;
    8. portuguese beta-version is available;
    9. french beta-version is available;
    10. fixed: comments editon (change the main window title with * symbol);
    11. command "Sort\Manually" renamed;
    12. fixed: toolbars management from context menu on toolbars;
    13. removed command "Format\Disabled";
    14. fixed: icons for folder;
    15. changed: document tabs control by right click on tab;
    16. fixed: IE path detection;
    17. updated help file;
    18. many small corrections;
    New function and fixed in version 9.23 (build 2187) [February, 12, 2011]
    1. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.33 (fixed: startup from AmlAssistDirect in portable mode, added encoding to system code page on saving as plain text after drag-n-drop);
    2. added: indication of icons search on status bar;
    3. added French version of Aml Pages;
    4. allow edit of web pages (menu Edit\HTML\Edit);
    5. added submenu Icons to tree menu;
    6. added setting "Show Data Last Modified" for tree pane;
    7. added command "Exclude Folders" on context menu of Tabs Bar;
    8. added new version of plugin FavEx 2.18 (extended management of favorites);
    9. added new version of plugin Aml Image 1.04 (without comman in Insert menu under newest vesions of Aml Pages);
    10. added new version of plugin IE2Aml 2.62;
    11. added icons library APIconsLib.icl;
    12. changed Aml Pages Plugin API;
    13. added: charset auto-detection to "find" commands;
    14. removed: auto-scroll of top\bottom of visible text area by mouse navigation;
    15. command "Quick Search" renamed into "Find In Titles";
    16. button "Search" is available always;
    17. changed: context menu of splitter of tree and editor;
    18. changed setting of tree menu (see command "Customize Menu");
    19. command "To Header" trim lead spaces;
    20. fixed: confirmation dialog for new nodes;
    21. changed icons for Quick search;
    22. changed: tooltip for hyperlinks (detection is exist file)
    23. updated English help file;
    24. many small corrections
    New function and fixed in version 9.22 (build 2177) [January, 17, 2011]
    1. now: text editor detect invalid hyperlinks to files;
    2. hyperlinks of web pages to files open in new window of web browser;
    3. critical bug fix for Plugins engine (correctly reload plugins);
    4. new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.28 (FavEx items on root menu in AmlAssistDirect mode);
    5. new version of plugin FavEx 2.15 (some bug fixes);
    6. added command "Show In Tree" to tabs bar context menu;
    7. added new version of pligin Aml Assist 2.27 (added support of URL format);
    8. added new events for Plugin API;
    9. added accelerator Alt+K for command Insert Hyperlink;
    10. added: undo (redo) action name (toolbar and menu tooltips);
    11. web page editor: added color choosing dialog;
    12. web page editor: added font and background color;
    13. added quote of Edsger Deijkstra to splash-screen;
    14. added: information about error on openning of hyperlinks;
    15. added command "Edit Web Page" to toolbar "Document"
    16. error icon of tooltip for invalid hyperlinks;
    17. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.26 (pane launch without activation);
    18. added lead space on insertion of hyperlinks;
    19. added MessageBox for Paste command on viewing of web pages;
    20. added: alignment commands support for HTML editor;
    21. added: font choosing support for HTML editor;
    22. tips bar moved to bottom;
    23. added command Format\Strikeout (button on toolbar is hidded as default);
    24. added Undo and Redo for web pages edition;
    25. added Paste for design mode of web pages;
    26. added command "Help\Subscribe to news";
    27. added video-tutorial "How to insert nodes list to tree";
    28. added video-tutorial "Save from Firefox";
    29. added video-tutorial "Save from Internet Explorer";
    30. added video-tutorial "Format styles";
    31. added new verions of Aml Assist 2.25;
    32. added DLLs RichEdit 4.1 and RichEdit 6.0;
    33. fixed: hyperlinks edition;
    34. updated english help file (new quetions on F.A.Q. list);
    35. fixed: unavailable command "Insert Hyperlink from Clipboard", if clipboard has URL-address;
    36. fixed: formatting cells for command "Table\Insert Row";
    37. fixed: command "Copy URL" for command of context menu on text editor;
    38. fixed: invalid detection of standard highlighted URLs;
    39. command "Tables\Insert row" inherit formatting from previous table;
    40. fixed: hyperlinks parsing;
    41. fixed: update tab bar on change of text by plugins;
    42. added tips for password dialog;
    43. changed tips of the day;
    44. added new icons for toolbars and menu;
    45. new version AmlAssistDirect.exe (with low thread priority);
    46. fixed: restore Aml Pages from system tray by keyboard (if main window is hidden)
    47. many small corrections
    New function and fixed in version 9.21 (build 2168) [December, 4, 2010]
    1. added protocol apd:// for hyperlinks to Aml Pages documents from web pages and other applications;
    2. added support of Aml Pages hyperlinks to LeaderTask organizer;
    3. added new version of plugin Aml Export 1.04;
    4. added new version of plugin Themes 2.0 (UI themes management);
    5. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.24 (valid work with plugin FavEx 2.11);
    6. added: copy hyperlinks to clipboard;
    7. added: command "View\Themes\Theme as default";
    8. added command: Restore UI default theme;
    9. added UI theme Present_White_With_Background.aptheme;
    10. added apd://-hyperlinks from web browsers;
    11. added: copy hyperlink to clipboard;
    12. added: Edit of web pages;
    13. added new features for button Clipboard in New node dialog;
    14. added support of new version FavEx (extended Favorites);
    15. added command "Copy As Hyperlink" to tree context menu (is hidden as default);
    16. fixed: update context menu on splitter;
    17. updated help file and demo-document;
    18. added: Christmas discount announcement;
    19. fixed: Aml Assist start on exit from Aml Pages;
    20. added new hint for command "Insert\Date And Time";
    21. fixed: insertion hyperlinks to other document from clipboard (Insert Link dialog);
    22. command "Hyperlink to Bookmarks" is moved to Bookmarks sub-menu;
    23. menu Tools\Export moved into Nodes;
    24. menu View\Icons moved into Nodes;
    25. fixed bookmarks markers drawing on text editor;
    26. command "Always Show On Tabs" renamed to "Pin Tab";
    27. changed icon of flag on tree;
    28. removed command "Fix" for editor toolbars;
    29. fixed: insertion of hyperlink to new bookmark;
    30. Plugins: added theme as default API;
    31. updated demo-document (MyDemoDoc.apd);
    32. English updated help-file;
    33. many small corrections
    New function and fixed in version 9.20 (build 2158) [November, 9, 2010]
    1. added hyperlinks to other documents of Aml Pages;
    2. added hyperlinks to bookmarks;
    3. added hyperlinks with names;
    4. added command "Copy As Hyperlink";
    5. added command "Copy To Bookmark";
    6. added command "Remove Hyperlink";
    7. added command "Insert Hyperlink from Clipboard" (see to context menu of text editor, menu of button "Insert Hyperlink");
    8. added support of hyperlinks of LeaderTask organizer;
    9. added auto-detection of charset for incorrect web-archives;
    10. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.22;
    11. added unformattings marks for text editor;
    12. added: Aml Pages user group on Facebook;
    13. enlarge delay for editor tooltips;
    14. fixed: crash on openning incorrect Aml Pages documents;
    15. improved nodes selection dialog;
    16. transparency splash-screen;
    17. fixed: changing of text on closing of text editor;
    18. changed marker drawing of bookmarks insertion point;
    19. enable editor background picture as default;
    20. fixed Uninstall center for English version on official web site;
    21. menu Pages is renamed to Nodes;
    22. menu "New Page" is renamed to "New Node";
    23. updated English help file;
    24. updated tips of the day;
    New function and fixed in version 9.19 (build 2148) [October, 3, 2010]
    1. added hot-setting for Para dialog;
    2. added Ctrl+Alt+T keys for Comments bar management;
    3. added new version of Aml Assist 2.20 (added openning of document with to node navigation without running Aml Pages, required FavEx plugin. Fixed: dragging of mht-files to plugin pane);
    4. added new video tutorials;
    5. fixed: FavEx items restore Aml Pages window from system tray;
    6. added english tips of the day;
    7. now: dialog "Tips of the day" not show on startup;
    8. fixed command handling on Comments bar;
    9. changed Plugin API interfaces;
    10. fixed: checks for plugins menu items on toolbars menu;
    11. updated English help-file;
    12. many small corrections;
    New function and fixed in version 9.18 (build 2141) [September, 17, 2010]
    1. added date creation for bookmarks;
    2. added sorting of bookmarks by alphabet, order and date creation;
    3. added icon of Aml Pages to Alt+Tab-list (switch window) when Aml Pages is minimized to system tray;
    4. close of Find dialog on Escape;
    5. added smart mouse wheel handler for comboboxed Font, Zoom, Format Style;
    6. added tooltop to Tabs bar on middle button click;
    7. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.16;
    8. added new tips of the day;
    9. fixed user interface themes;
    10. fixed moving of sticky notes, if minimized to header;
    11. changed order of buttons of sticky notes;
    12. changed colors of comments bar (now use of system settings);
    13. fixed links to pages for plugins;
    14. now quick search use font of text editor;
    15. changed tooltips for Bookmarks pane;
    16. removed: bookmarks mode of tab bar;
    17. fixed default button of Para dialog;
    18. changed demo-document;
    19. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixs im Aml Pages 9.17 (build 2136) [August, 28, 2010]
    1. new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.15;
    2. fixed: choosing of folder on new node creation;
    3. fixed: context menu for text templates pane;
    New functions and fixes im Aml Pages 9.17 9.17 (build 2135)
    1. fixed balloons on tree pane for node with large comments;
    2. fixed reading of last documents list for portable mode;
    New functions and fixes im Aml Pages 9.17 9.17 (build 2134)
    1. fixed buttons drawing in Header bar;
    2. fixed changing of icon on theme change in Header bar;
    3. fixed balloons for Tabs bar;
    New functions and fixes im Aml Pages 9.17 9.17 (build 2133)
    1. fixed ballons for document bar and tabs bar;
    2. updated plugin Aml Assist (do not activate Aml Pages on Add Text To Node);
    3. renamed Options to Settings;
    4. minimize in system tray enabled as default;
    5. updated help file;
    New functions and fixes im Aml Pages 9.17 9.17 (build 2132)
    1. added tips bar;
    2. added left side bar (Tree\List\Bookmarks);
    3. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 2.14;
    4. added start Aml Assist on exit from Aml Pages;
    5. added user interface themes (see menu View\Themes);
    6. added formatting marks (see menu Format)";
    7. added command Edit\Find In Text (search in active node text only);
    8. added command Help\Video Tutorials;
    9. added command Help\What`s News;
    10. added size of text to statistics;
    11. added smart-handling for mouse wheel;
    12. added settings "Show Bookmarks";
    13. sort bookmarks as alphabet;
    14. now root bookmarks is named by node header;
    15. added external XML-manifest, removed internal;
    16. removed multiline mode for Tabs bar;
    17. fixed insertion of node list with week day names;
    18. fixed filter "Only Favorites";
    19. fixed command "Restore from Trash";
    20. fixed command "Save Timeout" for quick options;
    21. improved GDI working;
    22. added description of Aml2LeaderTask plugin;
    23. fixed working of toolbars under Windows Vista\7;
    24. fixed insertion of date with user format;
    25. changed tree-buttons bar;
    26. impoved search of bookmarks;
    27. fixed openning of last work document;
    28. changed icons for Format toolbar;
    29. updated help-file;
    30. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.16 (build 2105) [6 June, 2010]
    1. added new version plugin Aml Assist 2.12;
    2. added title for spin-control on Tabs bar;
    3. fixed XP-manifest;
    4. changed English help file;
    5. many small corrections;
    Version 9.16 (build 2104)
    1. bug fixes for Aml Pages plugins framework;
    2. changed URL of home page (for localized versions: German, Portuguese, Spanish);
    3. many small corrections;
    Version 9.16 (build 2102)
    1. added tooltips for hyperlinks;
    2. created new plug-in Themes;
    3. fixed: MRU-count setting saving;
    4. changed syntax highlighting "As Carc";
    5. fixed: check for updates on Internet for localized versions (Portuguese, Spanish, German);
    6. many small corrections;
    Version 9.16 (build 2101)
    1. added "Tables\Show Grid Lines";
    2. added command "Insert\Object Properties";
    3. added command "Tools\Statistics";
    4. added commands Format\Superscript, Format\Subscript;
    5. added command "Save As Default Position" (for sticky notes);
    6. added command "Bookmark Into Paragraph" to main menu;
    7. Added keyboard shortcut Ctrl + W to switch the bookmark to para (insert\delete);
    8. Added keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + W to switch the bookmark on the line (insert\delete);
    9. added aut-detection of charset for web-archives;
    10. added skin API for plug-ins interfaces;
    11. Added installer to the completion of a working panel Aml Assist to install the new version;
    12. added new plug-in version Aml Assist 2.10 (support of double hot keys, new plug-ins interfaces of Aml Pages 9.16, many small corrections for settings dialog);
    13. added button to Format toolbar (Bookmark Into Para);
    14. added left and right margins to sticky notes;
    15. added Font pane minimization after splitter moving;
    16. added new version AmlAssistDirect.exe (with re-install support);
    17. added tables with transparency background;
    18. added relative paths saving for portable version (most recently used files and document tabs);
    19. saving of background picture path as relative;
    20. many small corrections for uninstall program;
    21. added: saving MRU paths to ini file (for portable version);
    22. fixed: loading of formatting styles;
    23. many small corrections for install program;;
    24. fixed overlapping panels of the "Document" toolbar and "Standard";
    25. Fixed a memory leak when inserting pictures;
    26. Fixed the status bar, change the settings after changing the color settings;
    27. fixed tabs bar update after categories changing;
    28. changed: animated closing of dialogs;
    29. fixed: portable version do not save path for AmlAssistDirect.exe;
    30. fixed: saving relative paths for documents from other drives;
    31. saving as relative path for AmlPages.exe from removable drive;
    32. changed: Insert\Bookmarks commands;
    33. changed default text templates;
    34. changed custom button drawing on sticky notes;
    35. changed icon of tree pane management;
    36. Fixed displacement sticky note mode rolled into the title bar;
    37. fixed Node Tabs startup, if pane disabled;
    38. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.15 (build 2089) [17 March, 2010]
    1. fixed invalid node type on creation node;
    Version 9.15 (build 2088)
    1. added new help-file;
    2. changed URL of registration to;
    3. many small corrections;
    Version 9.15 (build 2087)
    1. added bookmarks pane
    2. added nodes filter by view type
    3. added support of follows pictures formats: TIFF, PNG, PCX, EMF, WMF (for Win2K\XP\Vista\7);
    4. added URL extraction for Aml Assist pane;
    5. added command "Insert Bookmark Into Para";
    6. added URL extraction on adding stycky notes;
    7. added Aml Assist 2.03 (new hints and AmlAssistDirect.exe);
    8. added plug-in Aml Image (insertion of images);
    9. added new version Aml Auto Completion 1.26;
    10. added button "Minimize To Header" to sticky note;
    11. added menu command "Insert\Page Break";
    12. added command "Move To Children Folder" to context menu of tree;
    13. Added new version of English help-file;
    14. added focus indication to tree and bookmarks panes;
    15. added command "Create Nodes List" to tree menu;
    16. added syntax highlighting of Java ((C) by Shuba Ivan);
    17. added alphabetical order for categories menu;
    18. added option "Show text" for tree-toolbar (right click on separator);
    19. fixed automatically charset dectection for web page;
    20. fixed bug on right click on icon on header;
    21. fixed splitter moving;
    22. fixed hyperlinks parsing;
    23. fixed insertion of localized week day names and months;
    24. fixed font choosing;
    25. fixed invalid most recently files number settings;
    26. fixed drawing of custom buttons on sticky notes;
    27. fixed memory usage on saving with compression;
    28. fixed memory leaks on saving sticky note with formatted text;
    29. fixed weekdayname for a custom date format;
    30. removed Russian layout activation on Search dialog;
    31. fixed shevron menu for Tabs pane (right click on slider);
    32. changed hints for Aml Assist pane;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.14 (build 2075) [3 December, 2009]
    1. added new articles from series "Tips and tricks" into help file;
    2. added new help file;
    3. added: automatically charset detection of tooltips (tree pane and other);
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.14 (build 2074)
    1. added: automatically charset detection of web pages;
    2. added: web pages refreshing after insertion from Aml Assist plug-in;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.14 (build 2073)
    1. new plug-in version Aml Auto Completion 1.23;
    2. extended syntax highlighting region;
    3. changed text bookmarks drawing;
    4. fixed: charset choosing for command "View\Font" (font for tree);
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.14 (build 2071)
    1. added command "Pages\Flagged" ;
    2. added command "Insert\Icon";
    3. added Insertion Point to text editor;
    4. added commands Close, Restore to sticky notes system menu (on tray);
    5. added red color indication for area on Find dialog;
    6. added command "Save All" to document tabs;
    7. added filter "Flagged Only";
    8. added plug-in Aml Assist 2.00;
    9. added command line key /portable;
    10. added plug-in AAC 1.22;
    11. added hint to document tabs;
    12. changed color choosing of font and background;
    13. fixed: icons drawing for document tabs;
    14. removed spliiter picture;
    15. fixed commands "Filters\Yesterday" and "Filters\Last Week";
    16. fixed bookmarks menu filling on Ctrl+Ctrl;
    17. changes search of documents;
    18. fixed initialization of RichEdit 6.0 (if not has required system DLLs);
    19. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.13 (build 2062) [8 October, 2009]
    1. added new pane "View\Toolbars\Comments"
    2. added setting "Keep Comment Auto" (menu View\Toolbars);
    3. added syntax highligting of Ruby;
    4. added quick search in user comments;
    5. added icon for text bookmark;
    6. added bookmarks menu on Ctrl+Ctrl;
    7. added bookmarks navigation from text editor menu;
    8. added Alt and Ctrl settings for drag`n`drop to tree;
    9. added plug-in Aml Export 1.03;
    10. added integration into File-menu for plug-ins;
    11. added plug-in Aml Assist 1.98;
    12. added plug-in Aml Auto Completion 1.21;
    13. changed drawing of header bar;
    14. added new hyperlinks to official site (menu "?");
    15. fixed selection changes on hyperlinks parsing;
    16. changed nodes filters management;
    17. fixed command Full Screen Mode;
    18. fixed changing of documents on choosing background picture;
    19. changed text editor menu;
    20. fixed: tree node selection on read-only mode;
    21. changed tooltips for tabs pane;
    22. fixed crash on bookmarks options changing;
    23. drawing format styles with italic attribute;
    24. fixed menu for "As Sticky Note" button;
    25. command "To Comment" added text now;
    26. fixed bookmark deletion from Node Tabs pane;
    27. fixed changing on Node Tabs pane after bookmarks creation\deletion;
    28. fixed bookmarks deletion from context menu of text editor;
    29. many fixes for text editor;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.12 (build 2045) [4 July, 2009]
    1. added mode "Last Changed" for tree bar;
    2. added command "Choose Columns" for list view;
    3. added commands "Encrease\Decrease Indent";
    4. added plug-in Aml Auto Completion 1.20;
    5. added statistics for document on status bar;
    6. columns is hidden for list view (as default);
    7. changed format styles applying (attribytes: italic, bold and etc);
    8. fixed icon drawing on Header bar;
    9. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.11 (build 2029) [13 June, 2009]
    1. changed work with format styles;
    2. format styles moved to FmtStyles.aps (for portable version);
    3. added muti-import of format styles;
    4. added format styles to toolbar "Font";
    5. format styles applied to para if not has selected text;
    6. added controls customization for "Font" toolbar (right click on pane);
    7. copying of Sample.Apd to %MYDOCUMENTS%\MyDemoDoc.apd on first launch;
    8. added plug-in Aml Auto Completion;
    9. added XML manifest for Windows XP\Vista;
    10. added new version of plug-in Aml Assist 1.97;
    11. added F11 key for command "Full Screen";
    12. added color choosing for tree nodes with categories;
    13. added changing position of items in folder pane by dragging;
    14. added command "Filters\Last Week";
    15. alignment right pane data at client size;
    16. changed format styles default settings;
    17. fixed creation of addititonal shortcuts by installer;
    18. zoom text hidden on Font toolbar as default;
    19. fixed openinng hyperlinks on text selection;
    20. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.10 (build 2029) [19 May, 2009]
      Version 9.10 (build 2029)
    1. plug-in Aml Assist 1.97;
    2. many small corrections;
      Version 9.10 (build 2027)
    1. plug-in Aml Assist 1.96 with saving of web pages on hot key;
    2. fixed web links with tabs parsing;
      Version 9.10 (build 2026)
    1. added table cells resing (for XP and later, required RichEdit 6.0 from MS Office 2007);
    2. added hyperlinks insertion command to text editor (hidden as default, see "Tools\Options\Menu");
    3. new help file (English version);
    4. plug-in Aml Assist 1.94 (integration with AP options, added saving of source URL of web pages);
    5. new selection shema of tree node;
    6. added settings for extension of web-browsers, email-clients and etc (see Tools\Options, tab "Hyperlinks");
    7. added sorting button to tree pane;
    8. added command "Pages\Archive\Move TO Files";
    9. added category to sticky notes menu;
    10. added undo saving of space, enter;
    11. added command "Pages\Position\Show In Favorites";
    12. added hyperlinks insertion of file dragging to text editor;
    13. added extended buttons in sticky note caption;
    14. added openinig page at command line "document_path#page_id";
    15. added complete tables support to sticky note;
    16. fixed: drawing of tree button bar;
    17. fixed: openinig of files links (file:///);
    18. changed autosaving options as default (enabled: saving on closing, disables: saving of documents with password for saving, enabled: saving of minimize command);
    19. changed toolbars icons (not all);
    20. changed: using of true-color icons on toolbars;
    21. added: flat comboboxes on pane "Font";
    22. fixed: reading of file linksext.ini (hyperlinks handlers);
    23. fixed: node dragging with option "Move to Target without confirmation";
    24. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.09 (build 2016) [12 March, 2009]
      Version 9.09 (build 2016)
    1. fixed nodes dragging between documents;
    2. added new help file;
    3. many small corrections;
      Version 9.09 (build 2015)
    1. added compatibility with Windows 2000;
    2. new version plug-in Aml Assist 1.91 with settings for text capture;
    3. added command "View\As Full Screen";
    4. added saving path of bookmarks as relative paths;
    5. added tree management pane;
    6. added detection Google Chrome for hyperlinks handlers;
    7. fixed: hyperlink navigation in text editor;
    8. added check for updates to background thread;
    9. fixed: renaming header after node creation;
    10. ignore password of demo-document on restoring from system tray;
    11. fixed: repeat expanding of new sticky notes folder;
    12. disabled text editor background picture if enabled ClearType font smoothing (as default);
    13. fixed encryption of documents on command "Save Copy";
    14. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.08 (build 2008) [12 February, 2009]
    1. new plug-in version IE2Aml 2.61;
    2. new plug-in version Aml Assist 1.81 with text capture in anywhere at Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F12;
    3. added quick tree tooltips on middle button click;
    4. added command "Add To Favorites" into tree menu;
    5. added tooltips delay in tree;
    6. added quick tooltip at Shift+Click on tree;
    7. added tooltips delay in menu command;
    8. added: copy source URL from web page;
    9. added tooltips delay in Favorites tabs;
    10. removed: gray background of tree in read-only mode;
    11. fixed user controls drawing in dialogs (MessageBox++) under Windows Vista;
    12. new GUI of toolbars, text editor and splitter;
    13. added picture background for text editor;
    14. added picture background for splitter;
    15. added chevrons to toolbars;
    16. added support of Maxthon to IE2Aml plugin;
    17. moved "Format", "Font" toolbars to document window;
    18. nodes with attached files use underline font;
    19. command Cut: cut with attached files;
    20. added command line key /NID[page_ID];
    21. added import of Opera Message Base files;
    22. added command "Copy Source URL";
    23. added setting "Left Vertical Scroll Bar" for tree;
    24. added setting "No Horizontale Scroll Bar" for tree;
    25. added compatibility with Windows NT
    26. added charset autodetection to web pages;
    27. added command "Add To Favorites" to sticky notes menu;
    28. added "Bookmarks" toolbar in favorites mode (as default);
    29. added "Bookmarks" toolbar spy at selected node and update automatically;
    30. added full justify alignment in text editor
    31. added constant document tabs (for quickly openining);
    32. added command "File\My Files\Show In Document Tabs Always"
    33. drawing of recenly used files in main windows (as hyperlinks);
    34. added command Edit\Next Bookmark,Previous Bookmark;
    35. added import of xml-files;
    36. directly moving pages on dragndrop in document area;
    37. added dialog "Open With" on files links navigation if error=ERROR_NO_ASSOCIATION;
    38. gray tree in read only mode;
    39. added menu command "Tools\Start\"
    40. fixed nodes moving on dragndrop;
    41. fixed editor drawing after command "Copy All"
    42. IE2Aml use different setting under IE and under Maxthon;
    43. Uninstall delete IE2Aml and Aml Assist plugins;
    44. fixed parsing of hyperlinks to file with symbol @;
    45. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.07 (build 1988) [09 November, 2008]
    1. added support of tables (see menu "Tables");
    2. added command "Insert\Horizontale Line";
    3. added new version of plugin Aml Assist 1.65;
    4. Added menu "Tools\Language";
    5. added new version of help file;
    6. WHOLEWORD key for syntax highlighting (see math.ash file);
    7. added connection question on checking for updates;
    8. changed web update system;
    9. changed compression level of documents to Low (as default);
    10. fixed pictures insertion;
    11. fixed bug on placing search results on tree;
    12. fixed: creation list of pages;
    13. fixed crash on automatically checking for updates on Internet;
    14. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.06 (build 1979) [28 September, 2008]
    1. added button "Filters" to tree;
    2. added menu command "?\Get FREE";
    3. added text template $APVERSION$ (Aml Pages version);
    4. added command "Collapse All" to toolbar "Header" and splitter bar;
    5. added the new version of the Aml Assist plugin;
    6. added export to HTML with text background color;
    7. added multistring search;
    8. added command "Insert\Screenshot";
    9. export to HTML with pictures (required Aml2CHM plugin);
    10. added option "Save MRU list";
    11. added search icons in cur-files;
    12. official forum changed to forum/;
    13. changed tree tooltips position;
    14. changed toolbars highlighting;
    15. fixed horizontale scroller in tree;
    16. fixed changing of font size from "Font toolbar";
    17. fixed command "Move to archive";
    18. fixed drawing empty bookmarks toolbar;
    19. fixed bookmarks parsing;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.05 (build 1969) [8 July, 2008]
    1. Added: plugin Aml Assist 1.64 (new data folders settings);
    2. Fixed: fixed: context menu customization;
    3. Fixed: fixed: format selection at sticky notes creation with confirmation;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.05 (build 1968)
    1. Added: Added: command "Copy Header" to sticky notes;
    2. Added: plugin Aml Assist 1.63;
    3. Added: new German, Russian and Ukrainian versions of Aml Pages (see on;
    4. Fixed: fixed: autohiging toolbar "Bookmarks";
    Version 9.05 (build 1967)
    1. Added: plugins command implemenation for menu "Insert";
    2. Added: bold font for last user command of plugins;
    3. Added: plugin Aml Assist 1.62;
    4. Fixed: many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.05 (build 1965)
    1. Added: Add menu item "Quotes Auto Competion" (Quick Options);
    2. Fixed: sorting of sticky notes menu by alhabet;
    3. Fixed: Do not show all sticky notes on double click at sticky notes folder;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages Version 9.05 (build 1964)
    1. Added: added text bookmarks;
    2. Added: added quick search in nodes headers;
    3. Added: option "Smart quotes completion";
    4. Added: command "View\Outline mode";
    5. Added: command "View\Filters\Net Logon";
    6. Added: command "View\Filters\Windows Session";
    7. Added: command "Filters\Created-Changed";
    8. Added: command "Filters\Favorites Only";
    9. Added: command "Pages\Move To Children Folder";
    10. Added: plugin Aml Assist 1.60 (documents management, files sorting, startup tip);
    11. Added: Animated creation of sticky notes;
    12. Added: text auto completion in quick search;
    13. Fixed: Text editor plugin API Changed;
    14. Fixed: fixed error on viewing only mode for 2 and more documents;
    15. Fixed: changed popup menu for tree pane and text editor;
    16. Fixed: Autotext is renamed to Text Templates;
    17. Fixed: fixed command "Search results to virtual branch";
    18. Fixed: many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages 9.04 build 1951 [21 March, 2008]
    1. fixed: drag nodes to sticky notes folder from another documents;
    2. fixed: drag text to Aml Assist pane;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages 9.04 build 1949 [27 February, 2008]
    1. added: import of OpenOffice documens by plugin Aml Assist 1.51;
    2. added: AmlAssisDirect.exe (start Aml Assist pane before start of Aml Pages);
    3. show information about attached files in tree always (You can attach files to documents by plugin File2Aml);
    4. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages 9.04 build 1947 [22 February, 2008]
    1. added command "Place In Autotext Pane";
    2. added command "Paste As Plain Text" to sticky notes;
    3. corrections of plugin Aml Assist 1.50;
    4. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages 9.04 build 1946 [15 February, 2008]
    1. plugin Aml Assist 1.49;
    2. saving web pages from Mozilla Firefox;
    3. new tool bar "Autotext" (see menu "View\Tool Bars");
    4. indication of attached files in tree (attached by plugin File2Aml);
    5. command "View\Show Childrens Count");
    6. syntax highlighting in Autotext Editor;
    7. resorting of tree nodes on text changing;
    8. import files by drop on Aml Assist pane;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages 9.03 build 1940 [29 January, 2008]
    1. added: command "Tools\Start\MS Paint");
    2. added: "Place sticky note top most" (tab "Sticky Notes");
    3. added: option "Save from iAml One Click and ADS to folder of sticky notes" (tab "Operations");
    4. added: option "NO import file content" (import of directories);
    5. fixed: syntax highlighting "hyperlinks" ("www.", "http://", "https://");
    6. added command Request Resize (sticky notes);
    7. added: popup menu with sticky notes (see context menu of sticky note);
    8. added: hyperlinks highlighting in sticky notes on edition;
    9. added accelerator Ctr+Alt+M for sticky notes (temporary maximize-restore);
    10. added submenu "Date And Time" (text editor menu);
    11. added command "Copy With Hyperlinks";
    12. plugin Aml Assist;
    13. Text Zoom (see toolbar "Format");
    14. command "Pages\Protect From A Change";
    15. command "Tree\As Large Icons";
    16. Categories of pages in new documents;
    17. command "Format\Para";
    18. command "Format\As Pattern";
    19. toolbar "Format"
    20. command "Pages\Move to";
    21. autotext command number enlarge to 500;
    22. commands "Filters\6 Hours", "12 Hours", "Today", "Yesterday";
    23. command "Windows\New Window";
    24. nodes sorting "By Dates Creation\Write Date - news on top\news on botton";
    25. command "Insert\Symbol";
    26. check of new version on official site (see menu "?");
    27. command "Remove button from Toolbar" (context menu of toolbar);
    29. changed of file format.
    30. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages 9.02
    New (major)
    1. information about attachments for entire document;
    2. import web archives from large files;
    3. color definition in "Choose Color" dialog;
    4. XP Style in color selection dialog;
    5. command "Format\Disabled";
    6. import files on drag`n`drop to tree;
    7. import of rtf-files by format;
    8. import of rtf-files by format;
    9. plugin command AC_IMPORTFILE;
    10. command "Remove from Filter";
    11. import of directory\files with data creation;
    12. button "Not Color" for color choosing;
    13. command "To Header" for sticky notes;
    14. hierarchical Favorites of documents;
    15. The plugin Aml Win Manager;
    16. command "Edit\Delete";
    17. support of command "Edit\Cut" for web pages;
    18. web archive search;
    19. export web archives to files;
    20. command "Copy With End of Line";
    21. RTF-2-WebArchive translation by plugins;
    22. sorting modes in right pane;
    23. command "Insert\Object";
    24. message if copies folder not found;
    25. pressed "Favorites" button for item;
    26. extended hyperlinks handler configuration;
    27. user custom colors saving;

    Fixes\Changed (major)
    1. correctly color (255,255,255) choosing for font;
    2. automatically saving of all documents on window minimize command;
    3. email addresses parsing;
    4. category checking on node creaion;
    5. colored nodes drawing;
    6. menu of plugins creation;
    7. error on command "File\New\Alphabetical List/Dayly Book" under Windows Vista;
    8. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages 9.01 [ [an error occurred while processing this directive] ]
    New (major)
    1. multiline tables support for Text Editor (on Windows XP SP2 or later);
    2. Aml Pages Help (english, chm format);
    3. tips of the day;
    4. drop of files on Text Editor;
    5. web pages formatting;
    6. nodes filters by dates;
    7. passwords checking on documents import;
    8. iAml One Click (plugin);
    9. web archives support;
    10. search progress indication;
    11. internal hyperlinks translation on documents import;
    12. file attachment support (see plugin File2Aml);
    13. syntax highlighting;
    14. saving of sticky notes settings (bk. color, window caption) to documents;
    15. Spanish version;
    16. many small corrections;
    17. localized month and week day names;

    Fixes\Changed (major)
    1. copy of picture from text editor;
    2. color selection in commands "Fond Color", "Background color";
    3. Aml Pages uninstall (for english version only);
    4. backup of files with size=0 bytes;
    5. navigation on hyperlink selection;
    6. files writing\reading optimization;
    7. menu tooltips position;
    8. commands "Copies\Copy(Move) Text", "Copies\Create Copy";
    9. blink of tree of filters changing;
    10. font changing of selection plain text node;
    11. one based line numbers for text editor;
    12. nodes colouring;
    13. horizontal scrollbar moving on tree operations;
    14. backward selection resetting;
    15. inserting to sticky notes with confirm;
    16. many small corrections;
    New functions and fixes in Aml Pages 9.00
    Public english version;
    Quick Links