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Hot news [19/May/2023 12:28] Aml Pages 9.98 build 2917 released.
You can download English version with installer or portable versions (how to use Aml Pages as portable). 
Aml Pages v.98 Home License 50% OFF. The promotion scheduled for Friday 19 May, 2023 on
Aml Pages is tree-structured notes manager for Windows. Aml Pages keeps all your notes, information, web pages, passwords, emails and URLs in tree form, where you can quickly find what you need (read more)
Aml Pages: Plain text allow to apply simple formatting What`s new in the version
Enlarged limits of nodes for the trial version of Aml Pages. Changed: show tab in pane History on selection of tree node.
Fixed: hyperlinks highlighting in text editor by Aml Pages. Changed: the setting "Scroll first\last lines in text editor" enabled as default.
Added: tabs to the demo-document (sample.apd) into Tabs bar (mode History, one time only). Added: new version of demo-document (sample.apd).
Added: plain text formatting. What does this mean? Now You can uses a simple formatting for nodes of plain text: font and him attributes (bold, italic and etc), font size, colors of background and text, can uses format styles and many more.
See the What's New section for a full list of changes, or you can view it from Aml Pages itself.

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