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Testimonials about Aml Maple

This software has been alongside me for many years. It has outlived many Windows generations and shame to MS this functionality still not implemented by default into Windows.
I have my task bar set to "auto-hide" to save on workspace so I don't see language indicator when switching several languages. This tiny program is a real life savior when you are typing in 2 or 3 languages (or maybe more) as it lets you have a small country (language) flag indicator on mouse cursor when hovering over text input box. By default windows shows only blinking vertical bar as text cursor and you can start typing in wrong language.
Also it shows two letter language code instead of flag if you want to. AmlMaple has interesting translation function and browser search-bar language auto-switch functionality plus some more features.
I would recommend this program for those multilingual geeks and forum dwellers. It's saves your time by avoiding wrong keyboard layout typos.

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