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"The tools we use have a profound (and devious!) influence on our thinking habits,
and, therefore, on our thinking abilities…" (© Edsger  W.Dijkstra)
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To register the Aml Maple, you just need a registration code that you will receive in your e-mail after you purchase a license. We accept all types of payment - Credit Cards, PayPal, Fax or Phone orders, Wire Transfer, Purchase Orders, Check or Money Orders, Web Money. You can select the payment type during the order process. All payments are processed by the well-known and trustworthy Avangate service.

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Web Money and many more
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Home License (4 users)
With an Home License, you can install Aml Maple on up to 4 computers owned by your family members, including your work PC.
39$ USA
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850 рублей
Personal License (1 user)
With a Personal License, you can use the program for non-commercial purposes in non-business, non commercial environment. That is, you only intend to use it at home for private use.
29$ USA
order now
750 рублей
Business License (20 users)
To use the program in a business, academic, or government environment, you should purchase a Business License.
2500 рублей
Site License (unlimited users)
To use the program in a business, academic, or government environment, you should purchase a Business License. With an Site License, you can install Aml Maple on unlimited computers.
10 000 рублей
Renew Aml Maple License  |  Продлить обновления Aml Maple  |  How to get coupon for our software
You have purchased Aml Maple but do not receive a license key
Normally license key is sent in same day when we receive your order. If after some days you still do not receive from us a registration mail (with subject License data for Aml Maple) then something went wrong.
Most probable reason is yours SPAM filter. Please check your spam folder!
If it is not there, write us to salesbox at amlmaple [hot] amlpages com. If you do not get a response, and our mail is not in your spam folder, then leave comment here or contact us. We would try to connect with you from other mailbox or find another solution for this.

Hot news [23/07/2024 16:20] Aml Pages 10.00 build 2961 released.
You can download English version with installer or portable versions (learn more about portable version).
For other language versions - see here.

Also You can download localized versions of Aml Pages: German, French, Italian, Portuguesze Brazilan, Russian, Ukrainian and etc.
Aml Pages: Plain text allow to apply simple formatting What`s new in the version
A new version of the Aml2CHM plugin 3.50 has been released (support for new versions of Aml Pages 9.99 has been added, the mirror order of folders\nodes in the CHM file has been fixed).
New video: How to capture web pages into the Aml Pages from Google Chrome by Aml Assist.
added: menu commands "Document Read Only", "View Only", "Page Read Only", "Protect Page with Password" show their status (on/off) in the tooltip;
Added new version of plugin ChangeLog 1.37.
added: menu commands “Document Read Only”, “View Only”, “Page Read Only”, “Protect Page with Password” are drawn in bold when enabled;
Aml Assist plugin command "Add Text To Node" will correctly paste URLs from the clipboard;
Added background asynchronous loading of text templates when starting Aml Pages.
Added new version of Aml Assist 3.60 plugin has been added (adding text to the nodes, including source URL). Double clicking on a node in the tree activates the text editor (right panel).
The plugin Aml2Dropbox 2.67 released.
Critical bug fix: excessive CPU usage when the Nodes Tabs bar (top nodes bar) is enabled.
Added: text templates supports autotext now.
Added new version of plugin AutoReplace 2.16 (fixed: does not save setting after OK in the dialog, fixed: running the plugin in a hyperlinks).
New feature: plain text formatting. What does this mean? Now You can uses a simple formatting for nodes of plain text: font and him attributes (bold, italic, underline and etc), font size, colors of background and text, can uses format styles and many more.
See the What's New section for a full list of changes, or you can view it from Aml Pages itself.

The easiest and fastest way to order is online using credit cards. The ordering pages are on a secure web site that encrypts all transmitted credit card data according to the secure HTTP protocol. As soon as we are notified that your order has been processed, we will provide you with the serial number which will register your copy of the program.

Note: all payments are processed by the well-known and trustworthy Avangate service. This means we will never have access to your credit card information! You may order online via the Internet, or via telephone, either in Europe or the U.S., by fax, post, or e-mail. If paying by credit card, you can submit your card number using a secure http-server, by fax, or by phone.

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Get Aml Maple Free | Support | Регистрация за Web Money | Регистрация за Яндекс. Деньги | How to enter license data

License Agreement (EULA)

  1. Home users may use their single computer usage license on all computers which are in property of the license owner.
  2. Business users require one license per computer Aml Maple is installed on. A multiple usage license. The user purchases a number of usage licenses for use, by the purchaser or the purchaser's employees on the same number of computers.
  3. In a network (server/client) environment you must purchase a license copy for each separate client (workstation) on which Aml Maple is installed, used, or accessed. A separate license copy for each client (workstation) is needed regardless of whether the clients (workstations) will use Aml Maple simultaneously or at different times. If for example you wish to have 9 different clients (workstations) in your network with access to Aml Maple, you must purchase 9 license copies.
  4. A user who purchased a Aml Maple license, is granted a non-exclusive right to use Aml Maple on as many computers as defined by the licensing terms above according to the number of licenses purchased, for any legal purpose. The licensed Aml Maple software may not be rented or leased, but may be permanently transferred, in it's entirety, if the person receiving it agrees to the terms of this license. If the software is an update, the transfer must include the update and all previous versions.
  5. Business users may use their single computer usage license on one computer. The number of computers running Aml Maple at any time is limited to the number of licenses purchased according to the licensing terms above.
  6. The Aml Maple unlicensed trial version may be freely distributed, with exceptions noted below, provided the distribution package is not modified in any way. The Aml Maple unlicensed trial version may not be distributed inside of any other software package without written permission of the copyright owner. Hacks/cracks, keys or key generators may not be included on the same distribution. To buy a license, please see order.htm for details. Aml Maple is distributed "as is". No warranty of any kind is expressed or implied. You use at your own risk. Neither the author nor the agents of the author will be liable for data loss, damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss while using or misusing this software.
  7. You may not use, copy, emulate, clone, rent, lease, sell, modify, decompile, disassemble, otherwise reverse engineer, or transfer the licensed program, or any subset of the licensed program, except as provided for in this agreement. Any such unauthorized use shall result in immediate and automatic termination of this license and may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution.
  8. Aml Maple keyfiles may not be distributed, except as stated in item 3) above, outside of the area of legal control of the person or persons who purchased the original license, without written permission of the copyright holder.
  9. Installing and using Aml Maple signifies acceptance of these terms and conditions of the license.
  10. If you do not agree with the terms of this license you must remove Aml Maple files from your storage devices and cease to use the product.
As a registered user, you will receive:
  • Full license to use the software beyond the 40 times.
  • Free updates, which be released within one year after purchase.
  • Big discount for the updates, which be released 1 year after purchase (and get year of free updates) .
  • The license key for unlocking your software will be emailed to you. Be sure to include your email address with your order.
  • No nag screen.
  • A modifed "About" dialog box, displaying your name and license.
  • Free technical support (emails, social networks, forum, Telegram and many more).
  • Free reissue of the license key if lost.
  • Buy Aml Maple updates

     We suggest discount for upgrades of Aml Maple.
    After payment you will receive one year of free updates.
    Also offer discount for registered users of previous versions Aml Maple on upgrade to version 7.x.

     All purchased licenses are valid indefinitely (lifetime), and come with one year of free updates. This means that the license key will work perpetually with any version released within one year from the date of purchase.
    There are no subscription fees. You don't need to pay extra for further use unless you want to update to the versions released after the included 1-year period. Extended updates can be purchased at a discounted price together with the license.
    If you decide to renew your license, we offer renewals with a discount too. The renewal can be purchased at any time after your license has expired.

    Home License
    39$ USA
    Personal License
    29$ USA
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