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How to sync Aml Pages documents via Internet?

Download Aml2Dropbox

Q: How to synchronize documents via Internet?

Use free plugin Aml2Dropox v.2.62.

You can use the service to synchronize documents via the Internet. What is Dropbox? See the article about this service in Wikipedia.

    Using the plugin:
  1. Create account on
  2. Download and install desktop client for Dropbox service.
  3. Download the plugin Aml2Dropbox.
  4. Open Your document.
  5. Choose menu commands "File\Send Document to Dropbox..." (or use dropdown menu of button save on toolbar).
  6. Done! Your document has been sent to Dropbox server.
You can launch the Dropbox tool manually from Aml Pages
See menu "Plugins\Aml2Dropbox\Start Dropbox tool".

The plugin Aml2Dropbox implements 2 commands for sending
  1. "Send Document to Dropbox as APD-file": the command send apd-file to dropbox server. APD is the file format of Aml Pages documents.
  2. "Send Document to Dropbox as ZIP-archive": first, this command command compress of document to ZIP-archive. And after, send the zip-file to dropbox server.
  3. Also You can protect the ZIP-archive by password. See menu command "Plugins\Aml2Dropbox\Send to Dropbox As ZIP with password".

Aml2Dropox plugin (click to enlarge)
Aml2Dropbox screenshot
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