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How to know what`s new in latest versions immediate from Aml Pages?

You can view the list of changes in the latest version of the Aml Pages on this web-page. But, can view the change-log immediate from Aml Pages.
  1. Right click on splitter.
  2. Choose menu command "Show\Hide ChangeLog" from context menu.
Also You can use follows keyboard shortcuts for control of bottom pane:
  • Ctrl+Shift+T
  • Alt+2
  • Alt+Alt
  • Content of this pane make by plugin (ChangeLog.DLL).
    Download the plugin ChangeLog 1.23.

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    Hot news [22/06/2022 11:38] Aml Pages 9.95 build 2864 released.
    Aml Pages 9.95 build 2864 released. You can download English version with installer or portable versions (how to use Aml Pages as portable).
    Or You can download Aml Pages: German, French, Italian, Portuguesze Brazilan, Russian, Ukrainian versions.

    What`s new: Added new version of plugins Aml Assist 3.43 and ChangeLog 1.23. Added: settings of dragndrop into Aml Assist pane. Fixed: "Check For Updates" show release date as local time. Changed settings: tab Usability, tab Document. Added: added: Alt+3 to manage of right bar. Improve compatibility with Windows 11. Fixed: report about successfully registration. New version of plugin Aml2Dropbox 2.62 released. All localized Aml Pages are released. See the What's New section for a full list of changes, or you can view it from Aml Pages itself.
    Buy license here or renew updates here

    The new article about the Aml Pages has been published on the website: «Tips and tricks. Part 8. Plugins and settings». Write article about Aml Pages and get it free

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