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"The tools we use have a profound (and devious!) influence on our thinking habits,
and, therefore, on our thinking abilities…" (© Edsger  W.Dijkstra)
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With an Home License, you can install Aml Pages on up to 4 computers owned by your family members, including your work PC.

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 All purchased licenses are valid indefinitely (lifetime), and come with one year of free updates. This means that the license key will work perpetually with any version released within one year from the date of purchase.
There are no subscription fees. You don't need to pay extra for further use unless you want to update to the versions released after the included 1-year period. Extended updates can be purchased at a discounted price together with the license.
If you decide to renew your license, we offer renewals with a discount too. The renewal can be purchased at any time after your license has expired.

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