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Version 1.49 build 204 (January/21/2023)
[*] fixed: changing of post publications dates;
[*] fixed: make GUID for commands "Duplicate Post";
[*] many bug fixes and improvements;

Version 1.47 build 192 (October/16/2022)
[+] added: link to Telegram Group in report for command "Check For Updates" -;
[+] added: highlight syntax of HTML Code Preview (keywords highlighted as last);
[*] changed: HTML-template for starting page (empty main window of RSSme on starting);
[*] updates syntax highlighting file for the HTML;
[*] refactored code of encoding and strings support;

Version 1.46 (April/1/2022)
[+] added: compatibility with 10\11\WinServer2019\WinServer2022;

Version 1.45 (May/4/2020)
[+] added: button "Visit To URL" on dialog "Insert Hyperlink";

Version 1.41 (August/12/2019)
[+] added: Alt+O command;

Version 1.40 (July/15/2019)
[+] added: button "Update Title" into dialog "Insert Hyperlink";
[*] fixed: getting TITLE from URL without protocol and anchors;

Version 1.30 (February/14/2019)
[+] added: new command "Replace " >> '" (double quotes to single quotes);
[*] fixed: ES_WANTRETURN style for the preview editor;

Version 1.28 (January/23/2019)
[+] added: context menu for preview bar;
[+] added: multiple undo in preview bar by pressing of keys space, enter and etc;
[+] added: syntax highlighting of literal in preview bar;
[+] added: hyperlinks handling in preview bar;
[+] added: new menu command "Copy Post As XML Encoded";
[+] added: symbol "^" in title of main window, when RSSme has administrator privilegies;
[*] enlarge font for preview bar;

Version 1.27 (December/9/2018)
[+] added: list of RSS item handle Ctrl+V, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+Insert, Shift+Insert when edit title of item;
[+] added: embedded manifest file;

Version 1.26 (February/5/2018)
[*] fixed: URLs on start page;

Version 1.25 (November/30/2017)
[*] fixed: signature modification;

Version 1.24 (November/22/2017)
[+] added: new home page of RSSme ;
[+] added: Russian home page of RSSme;

Version 1.23 (November 07, 2017)
[*] added: control of size of edit fields on renaming on creation of post;

Version 1.22 (October 28, 2017)
[*] miriad bug-fixes;

Version 1.16 (February 24, 2014)
[+] added: large font on edition of titles of posts;

Version 1.14 (October 11, 2013)
[+] added: menu tooltip show path to backup folder;

Version 1.13 (September 22, 2013)
[+] fixed: creation hyperlink on selected image;

Version 1.12 (September 14, 2013)
[+] fixed: invalid selection after filtering of posts;

Version 1.11 (18-July-2013)
[+] added: button Filtering on toolbar;
[+] added: cancel filtering by escape;

Version 1.10 (17-July-2013)
[+] added: Filtering of post by titles (see menu "Posts");

Version 1.01 (7-April-2013)
[+] added: remove ad-block on commands "Duplicate Post";
[+] added: new version of HTMLayout;

Version 1.00 (7-April-2013)
[+] added: command "Open Backup Folder";

Version 0.56 Beta 2 (3-April-2013)
[*] create backup files in folder %APP_DATA\RSSme_Backup%;
[+] added command: Copy RSS Item Title;

Version 0.55 Beta 2 (24-March-2013)
[*] fixed: crash on show of tooltip in post list;

Version 0.54 Beta 2 (23-March-2013)
[+] new version of HTMLayout.DLL;
[*] larse size of RSS Items bar as default;
[+] added: saved settings (see ini-file);
[+] the setting "Preview Bar" is saved in ini-file;

Version 0.50 Beta (13-February-2013)
[+] added: wizard for new feeds;
[+] added: syntax highlighting for preview code;

Version 0.40 Alpha 2 (25-December-2012)
[+] added: sorting of post by title, by position, by date created;

Version 0.30 Alpha (11-December-2012)
[+] added: toolbar for post editor;
[+] added: most recently used files on system menu of window;

Version 0.23 Alpha (21-November-2012)
[*] child frame is maximied on sizing of main window;
[+] added: command "Remove Span and Styles";
[+] added: command "Duplicate + Delete";
[+] added: auto-detection title in dialog "Insert Hyperlink" (get title from web site on URL);

Version 0.22 Alpha (27-October-2012)
[+] added: dialog Insert Hyperlink use URL from Clipboard;
[*] fixed: creation links with quotes in TITLE attribute;
[+] dialog Insert Hyperlink: automatically use _blank target for HTML-documents (*.htm, *.html, *.shtml, *.php and etc);

Version 0.21 Alpha (2-October-2012)
[*] added: URL addresses on status bar;

Version 0.20 Alpha (2-October-2012)
[+] added: HTML main window (commands, most recently used feeds and etc);

Version 0.17 Alpha build 98 (1-October-2012)
[+] added: tooltips for menu commands;

Version 0.16 Alpha build 98 (29-September-2012)
[*] fixed: borders on selected item on resizing;

Version 0.15 Alpha build 93 (17-August-2012);
[*] fixed: saving attributes "width", "height" on insertion of image;

Version 0.14 Alpha build 92 (26-July-2012);
[+] added link to our RSS-feed (see menu Help);
[+] added: column "Date" into list of posts;
[+] added link to support form on our web site (see menu Help);
[+] added: confirmation for "Delete Post" command;

Version 0.13 Alpha build 91 (22-July-2012);
[+] added: smart format of HTML code with lines and spaces in Preview Code pane;
[*] fixed: insertion hyperlinks with parameters (with symbols "&");

Version 0.11 Alpha build 89 (17-July-2012);
[*] fixed: insertion hyperlink on selected image;

Version 0.10 Alpha build 88 (16-July-2012);
[+] first public alpha-release;
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